Exterior Painting

Knowledge and Experience – Alapaint is the Right Choice!

ALAPAINT has extensive knowledge in surface preparation for exterior painting.

For example:

1. The area must be cleaned (pressure washed) using light to medium pressure in order not to further harm the house, removing all dirt, grime, and loose paint from the exterior of the home.
2. Surface preparation – removal of all loose paint from the body of home.  We do this by scraping by hand to ensure the best possible surface to paint on.
3. Caulking all seams of the body of the house around windows, doors, and eves.
4. Puttying and glazing windows on the home.
5. Priming all raw wood surfaces to make the exterior paint adhere properly.

The Benefits of Alapaint Professional Birmingham, Alabama Exterior Painting

When you find that your house needs painted, you are going to want to make sure that you have professional for your Birmingham, Alabama painting. There are so many benefits to using the quality painters of Alapaint that you simply cannot go wrong. Knowing what you can expect from our professional Birmingham, Alabama exterior painting team is a great way to motivate yourself to get it done.

Hire the Best Birmingham, Alabama Exterior Painters

By hiring the best professionals to paint the exterior of your home, you will find that the work will be completed in a much smaller amount of time. Painters with a vast amount of experience know how to properly prep the surface to be painted. We also know how to apply paint swiftly and without error. You will not have to worry about the finished product because it will look as though the siding of the home came that way. It will not have that painted look and you will not see drips of paint. You will not have missed spots, or some areas that are more coated with paint than others.

Another benefit of hiring the professionals of Alapaint for Birmingham, Alabama painting is that we will take care of the cleanup. All of the painting materials, including old paint chips that may have been needed to be removed, will be cleaned up and removed from the property.

Our professionals also carry insurance, which protects our customers and us in case of accidents. That insurance also serves as a protection for you, should your property accidentally become damaged. While it is rare that such policies are ever needed, it is important for you to know that ours is always up-to-date-coverage.

The Preferred, Professional Painters of Birmingham, Alabama

Alapaint’s professional painters also offer a warranty for the Birmingham, Alabama exterior painting that they complete. This should include not just the quality of paint, but the work that was done as well. While it is highly unlikely that anything would ever go wrong or any mistakes would be made, it is always nice to know that the money you are spending for the professional paint job is well protected.

Many of our clients have found that they simply enjoy having our professional exterior painters on the job. The work is completed promptly and they receive professional and helpful customer service. When you have questions, you know that the professional painter will be able to answer them. This is extremely helpful when you are having a hard time deciding the type or color of paint to use. While the decision is ultimately yours to make, the professional exterior painter will be able to provide you with some useful tips and hints, based on his experience, in order to lead you in the right direction.