Birmingham, Alabama Pressure Washing Residential (decks, patios, driveways, gutters, homes)

Pressure washing a home can make it look spectacular. However, this is only true if you get it done properly, covering every little detail. You can get the home spic and span and leave the gutters dirty, and will have only created an eyesore.

Pressure Washing Decks

You want to let our professionals handle the pressure washing on your deck. You may get it very clean, but you may also do a real number on it. Using a wrong nozzle or getting a tip too close to your wood, or even cranking your machine up and putting it on Full-Blast, can actually destroy your deck.

It takes professional handling to achieve the results that you really desire. Birmingham Alabama Pressure Washing by Alapaint can protect your deck while also cleaning it the way it needs. It saves time and money in the ends. They use professional grade cleaners, concrete sealers, and wood stains in their services.

Pressure Washing Patios

Some of the benefits to pressure washing your patio are things like ‘slip and fall’ prevention, and raised sanitation levels. Having your patio pressure washed is a great way to protect your family and friends against unseen bacteria that can gather on outdoor surfaces made of wood, stone, ceramic, or concrete. Patios are places of leisure, for entertaining or cooking out, or just relaxing and enjoying some time outdoors. It should also be clean and healthy.

Pressure Washing Driveways

Concrete driveways are porous surfaces and they can be really hard to clean. Pressure washing is the absolute best method of cleaning a driveway. The driveway must be prepped first. A good sweeping starts the ball rolling. It is necessary to move as much dirt and debris as possible before hitting it with the pressure washer. Professionals like Alapaint’s, Birmingham, Alabama Pressure washing team, are always aware of regulations, codes, and rules, and make sure none are violated throughout the process. The EPA can levy fines against anyone who allows cleaning residue (like the pressure washing cleaning chemical) to drain into the actual water system. That is why we have specialized equipment to prevent this from happening.

Pressure Washing Gutters

Birmingham, Alabama Pressure Washing by Alapaint ensures that your home is professionally washed and looks like a showcase. We will apply a powerful washing solution to the gutters. When the water hits this cleaning agent, dirt disappears quickly. Your gutters are going to look like they are brand new!

Pressure Washing Homes

Having your home pressure washed is your most affordable option when trying to maintain as well as increase your home’s values. Professional pressure cleaning should be added to your regular maintenance schedule for your home. It not only adds value, but it looks fantastic. Homes that are cleaned and maintained regularly increase in value over time. They can be a great source of pride for a family and a community. Pressure washing keeps neighborhoods and families safe, healthy, great-looking, and well sanitized.